Natural Skin Care Products

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Polish Sea Salts
Dim the lights, light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax in the bath with our coconut lime scented Himalayan sea salts. A tablespoon sprinkled in your bubble bath (we prefer our Juice body wash for the bubbles), soak and with a loofah/washcloth prep your skin for your tan.
Fresh Body Lotion
Some say this is perfect for the "on the go person" or the lazy persons lotion! We've made it fast and easy. A couple of sprays and you are moisturized!
Juice Body Wash
Lightly scented with lemon and sage and ph balanced - perfect to use with a loofah for a pre tan scrub and use alone after your tan to help maintain the beautiful golden glow.
Bair Hair + Body Wash
This 2 in 1 all natural, one of a kind product is great for your skin/tan and your lovely locks. Saves you time, money, makes the tan last longer and gives you more space around the tub.